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Luigi Pace was born in Guglionesi (CB) June 18, 1964.

He graduated in 1983 at the Scientific High School "Alfano" of Termoli (CB).

He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Pisa, in 1990 with a score of 105/110, discussing the thesis in the General Theory of Trial with Prof. Serafino Nosengo.
In 1992/1993 he obtained the teaching qualification for the legal and economic disciplines in high schools.

Again in 1993, he enrolled at the Court of La Spezia.

Since 1993 he operates the legal profession on a permanent basis, dealing with criminal and civil law.

During the school year 1994/1995 he taught Business Law and Science of Finance as a teacher in the Commercial Institute “L. Arnaldi” of La Spezia.

He joined the Criminal Chamber of La Spezia in 1997.

Since November 2005 he is enrolled in the Special Register of the Supreme Court.

In 2009 he started the three-year School of Advanced Studies in Science and Criminological Investigation of Mantova and in July 2011 he received the Diploma of Expert in the Criminological Sciences with a score of 110/110.
During these three years he took classes on the following subjects:
- child abuse and pedophilia
- anthropology, culture and crime
- protected hearing
- criminalistics with reference to the analysis of the scene of the crime
- criminal profiling & investigative psychology
- geographic profiling
- sectarian crime
- juvenile criminology
- prison criminology
- criminal law and procedure
- criminal mediation
- forensic medicine
- forensic psychopathology
- victimology
- sexual crimes and sexual psychopathology
- expert methodology
- serial murders and scientific method
- sociology of deviance

He participated also to the following events:

- The role of science in criminal proceedings - Scientific investigations at the crime scene -La Spezia October 2008, with the participation of Luciano Garofano, RIS of Parma
- Workshop demonstration Crime Scene Investigation "A case of suicide?" Curtatone (MN) , May 2009
- International Congress of Criminology, Mantova 4 / 7 March 2010 on "Victim of Crime and Author"
- Expertise Workshop "homicidal relations", Mantova 15/16 May 2010
- Conference-Criminological Investigation: "The many faces of organized crime." Mantova June 2010.

He alsoattended to:

- "Short Course training criminal justice",  Pisa, Lucca, Massa, La Spezia, Livorno  2010
- "The Judge and the Parties in the process, ethics, strategies and techniques", La Spezia 2011
- "Prison and the Constitution", Sarzana 2011

During the three-year training at the School of Advanced Studies in Science and Criminological Investigation CRINVE he worked with the following teachers:

Prof. Giuseppe Sandri - Jurist and Criminologist. Professor of Sociology of Deviance at the University of Brescia
Prof. Marco Monzani - Criminologist, professor of forensic psychology at the University of Mestre (VE)
Prof. Susanna Vezzadini - Victimology teacher at the University of Bologna
Prof. Rosa Maria Gaudio - Researcher. Professor of Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ferrara.  With this teacher  has materially assisted the implementation of two autopsies on May 2011 to find the cause of death
Prof. Melanie Scali - Professor of Social Psychology and Legal Studies at the University of Roma La Sapienza
Prof. Carlo Alberto Romano - Criminologist. Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminology at the prison University of Brescia
Professor Anthony Pinizzotto, Forensic Psychologist. Clinical and Forensic Psychology Ph.D.President Fundator Associates, LLC. Retired Senior Scientist, BSU - FBI Quantico, Virginia. USA. Representative of the International Scientific Committee of the Association LIBRA - Network for the Study and Development Dynamics of Mediation
Dr. Pino Casamassima - writer, journalist, expert on terrorism
Dr. Carlo Bui - Inspector General at the Office of Central Inspection, UCI, Department of Public Safety. Former Director of Special Investigations Section and the Unit for the Analysis of Violent Crime
Police officer Luigi Caracciolo, head of Combined Joint Section of the Judicial Police to the Public Prosecutor of Mantova. Member of Scientific Committee of the Association LIBRA - Network for the Study and Development Dynamics of Mediation
Dr. Vincenzo Nobile and Dr. Fabio Damiano, criminologists Carabinieri of the RIS of Parma
Dr. Antonino Calogero, Forensic Psychiatrist. Judicial Psychiatric Hospital Director General of Castiglione delle Stiviere, Mantova
Prof. Silvio Ciappi, criminologist, lawyer and psychologist. Teacher at the University of Messina

He is interested in criminal law since the university.
His office as Crimianl Lawyer is in La Spezia, Viale Italia, n. 94.

In the course of his career he worked at cases of organized crime, murder, kidnapping, crimes against property, crimes of usury, juvenile crime, military crimes and crimes of sex offenders.

He is also expert in family law and civil liability lawsuits arising from criminal conduct and mobbing in the workplace.
He collaborates with professionals such as notaries, accountants, employment consultants, expert consultants, doctors, lawyers, private investigators to offer a complete service to the customer. The modern computer tools used allow more efficient operations, an optimal management of relevant documentation and a framework of information up to date.

Since 2011 he teaches criminal law at the School of Criminology in Mantova.

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